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Tweak Vista v1.0

 Tweak Vista v1.0
Vista Tweak VI is appearly the first application optimize and customize on Windows Vista. This Tweaking software allow you tuning and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows Vista system without go through hard manual process like modify registery on Windows vista machine.

Here is an overview of what Tweak VI can do:

Activate hundreds of hidden Windows Vista settings, clean your registry, activate system and software restrictions, display detailed system information, create a 256 MB RAM drive, protect your privacy, clean your harddrive, manage TrueType fonts, improve your internet connection, optimize your CPU, optimize your RAM, manage system updates, and much more �

Tweak VI software is offer in free and commercial edition which free version has the ability to tweak several different features only and you can purchase commercial version with one year subscription basic for extra tweakability on your Windows Vista operating system. You can check out the comparison chart for more understanding between the free edition and the subscription edition.

TweakVI currently support on Windows Vista 32bit edition from RC1 to 5600 build only and the software files size is totally around 35Mb only.

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