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Command And Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition
The storylines of the factions are closely interwoven in the same fashion seen previously in the Firestorm expansion pack of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. In any one faction’s campaign, references are made to the events and missions that occur in the campaigns of the other factions.
At this point, General Jack Granger takes control of GDI’s military forces while acting Director Redmond Boyle, the highest-ranking surviving member of GDI’s burueacratic leadership, takes over administration.
After successfully managing to drive the invading Nod forces out of a number of the world’s “blue zones”, General Granger, acting on intelligence gathered from POWs, begins to fear that Nod may be preparing to use WMD’s and orders a preemptive strike on a Nod chemical weapons facility near Cairo, Egypt. Once there, GDI discovers that Nod apparently was not only preparing to deploy their full nuclear arsenal on them, but that they were also in the process of manufacturing a liquid Tiberium bomb of unprecedented destructive power, based on research from a similar Nod chemical weapons facility located somewhere in Brazil. The swiftness of GDI’s military response prevents a pending nuclear strike from Nod, but Kane continues the construction of the liquid Tiberium device unabated within his newly erected “Temple Prime”, which has been built over the site of the previous temple in Sarajevo destroyed back in the days of the First Tiberium War.

“Temple Prime” subsequently comes under siege by a GDI strikeforce, but this strikeforce is defeated by Nod reinforcements. However, these Nod troops, supposedly under the command of General Kilian Qatar, suddenly turn against Kane and begin to assault “Temple Prime” itself. When the Nod forces allocated to the temple’s defense manage to eradicate these treacherous troops, Kane evacuates as GDI soon after launches a second and ultimately successful attack on the main temple complex. General Granger plans to lay siege to the site until Kane and his Inner Circle would surrender, but Director Boyle orders the use of the ion cannon upon “Temple Prime” to eliminate Kane’s threat “once and for all”. When the ion cannon is fired over Granger’s objections, it detonates a deposit of the liquid Tiberium stored underneath the temple, creating a massively destructive explosion that reaches out into space and kills millions of people in Eastern Europe’s “yellow zones”, Kane and his Inner Circle believed to be among the casualties.

Shortly after these disastrous events, GDI’s deep space surveillance network suddenly begins to detect multiple large unidentified objects rapidly closing in on Earth. Director Boyle orders the ion cannon network to be turned against the vessels, but the craft are unfazed by the attack and alien forces, known only as the Scrin, land on Earth and begin to swarm throughout the world’s “red zones”, soon after launching massive and unrestrained assaults on all major cities across the globe. Kilian Qatar, having assumed control of the Brotherhood of Nod since Kane’s apparent demise, joins in an uneasy alliance with local GDI commanders in Australia to fight the invading extraterrestrials, whom she views as a more dangerous threat to the Brotherhood’s survival than GDI itself. Within the middle of these operations between Kilian and Australia’s garrisoned GDI troops, however, Kane suddenly reappears, denouncing Kilian’s actions as an unforgivable sin and orders her capture and execution as well as a nuclear attack upon the local GDI forces she was collaborating with.

At this point, GDI central command has become aware that the invaders’ agenda actually was to commit a series of large-scale diversionary strikes, in order to divert human attention away from several massive towers that were being constructed within the world’s “red zones”. At the same time, the Scrin themselves have become aware of Kane’s entire premeditated plan; that he had provoked the preceding world war with GDI in order to deliberately lure them into using their ion cannon upon “Temple Prime”, which was the only weapon that could create a large enough detonation of liquid Tiberium to prematurely awaken the Scrin, and bring them to Earth so that Kane could complete the last stage of his plans; to capture one of the Scrin’s monolithic “Threshold” towers.

GDI eventually succeeds in destroying all but one of these towers, which is protected from their assault by elite Nod forces, and the Scrin are able to finish the tower’s construction, enabling their last remaining mothership vessel to evacuate just before GDI destroys a mysterious central control node located in Italy, which apparently was powering all of the Scrin’s forces on Earth. With the tower completed, it becomes impregnable to all known forms of human weaponry and GDI is left with no option but to leave it standing under close observation, as it is completely inert following the destruction of the control node in central Italy. Kane, meanwhile, prepares to enter the tower using the key codes Nod forcefully obtained from the Scrin forces, and sets out to uncover the secrets within, while the Scrin themselves are preparing a “full invasion force” with the intention of obtaining all possible knowledge on the being of “Kane”, and to then annihilate the human race.

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