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Spyware Doctor 5.1.0

Spyware Doctor is an advanced adware and spyware removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, ad ware, trojans, keyloggers, spy ware cookies, trackware, spybots and other malware from your PC. This tool allows you to remove, ignore or quarantine identified Spyware. It also has an OnGuard system to immunize and protect your system against hundreds of privacy threats as you work. By performing a fast detection at Windows start-up you will be alerted with a list of the potential threats identified.

New platform for innovation:
Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 is a major release for PC Tools™. The product has undergone a total "under the hood" overhaul & tune-up; providing users with a new smaller, faster and supercharged Spyware Doctor™.
Since its conception, Spyware Doctor has evolved significantly in order to keep up-to-date with ever-changing and growing malware threats, As a result; PC Tools™ turbo-charges its latest version of Spyware Doctor V5.0 into a future-proof platform - ready to take on new technologies and innovation.

Optimized application performance:
Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 is smaller & faster than its predecessors thanks to the bulk of its functionality running in the background and independently of the main GUI. This new architecture means that Spyware Doctor can start the GUI in a matter of seconds. The key parts of Spyware Doctor start early in the boot process to provide superior protection and diminish system resource usage.

Complete Modular design:

Spyware Doctor V5.0 expands on its innovative modular design and embraces this technology throughout the entire application. Further, with the development of emerging complex malware, this new modular design gives Spyware Doctor V5.0 the equipment to handle new threat techniques (such as load points1) the moment they are discovered!

Total Spider technology:

Spider Scanning™ uses a combination of existing known signatures and heuristics (behavioral techniques) to identify spyware threats quickly and effectively, which minimizes scan times and enhances detection of morphed spyware. Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 leverages this technology more effectively than ever before by deploying layered Spider Scanning™ throughout all of the Spyware Doctor™ scanners and most importantly in the OnGuard™ real-time monitors.

Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 introduces its new Intelli-Scan™ technology that is specifically designed to swiftly hunt and kill active running spyware threats. Intelli-scan™ can kill and remove all active running spyware threats in as little as 3 minutes2 - accredited to Spyware Doctor's intuitive and patent pending Spider scanning technology.

Automatic and incremental updates:

Smart Update™ is now fully automated and runs in the background without user intervention, ensuring users the most current tools, scanners and signatures to maximize protection. Furthermore, database updates will be incremental (during weekdays), meaning only new and modified definitions will be downloaded (and the complete definition file only once a week), thus allowing for faster and more frequent updates. Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 will also continue to deliver its industry leading daily updates.
New Rootkit detection innovations:
Leading the race in rootkit detection innovation, Spyware Doctor™ V5.0 brings further enhancements to improve rootkit detection which is entirely based on heuristics. Rootkits and other items that attempt to hide themselves are easily detected and blocked immediately with its new technique.

Anti-Spyware Hacker Defense:

Spyware Doctor™ has further extended its own defenses to protect itself from malicious software which attempts to terminate and manipulate well known anti-spyware applications. These new defenses within Spyware Doctor™ prevent such threats from compromising its anti-spyware effectiveness and therefore maintaining the security-level of the PC.
AntiVirus protection:
Following the successful uptake of PC Tools AntiVirus™ in 2006, this popular product is a welcome addition for Spyware Doctor™ users to provide comprehensive protection against viruses. The integration of the AV component into Spyware Doctor is unique, using a streamlined approach that does not duplicate functionality amongst the scanners and ensures users a faster (virus and spyware) scan along with an uninterrupted computer experience.
The AntiVirus plug-in component is available for download on the PC Tools website via the Spyware Doctor main GUI.

New OnGuard Tool - File Guard:

File Guard is capable of blocking malicious files on-access which are downloaded, saved, copied or executed – ensuring that threats are blocked before damage is done anywhere on the computer. File Guard uses a combination of behavioral techniques and Intelli-Signatures™ makes this new technology top of its class

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